Aug 20th, 2014 

So.... Dodge is apparently intrducing a 700 hp 200+mph
family sedan. Um wow.

What is it
The Dodge Hellcat
6.2 lt Hemi
10.6 Quarter MIle at 126 MPH

How Did They do it With a Family Sedan?

So Horsepower today is eisier to wrangle up than ever

Used to be that to buy a car with 200 HP you were

talking about a Camaro or Porsche... really... a 911 in

8192 had 220 hp. Now you get you everyday average Accord with that

much hp and better brakes.

Well since they are getting more out of less you

can figure that they're getting more out of more

as well. Hence 700 hp out of a 6 liter dodge engine... wow

Dodge has always had a history of

every answer to their problems being horsepower...

they tooks a lame sedan in the 7-,s stuck a huge

motor in it and called it a road runner... huge

overpowered and under everything else excelp for

body roll... they had plenty of that. They went

with the same theory in the trucks though the

2000's Huge HP and front grills not much ing the

way of quility... But they were big and had

perverted named like the Ram SLT might

as well been called Porno...

Is it safe?

 In a word no. In Youngstown you could not

open that car up anywhere but the highways leading

out through Canfeild or Rt 11 north I guess as well

Ant the cops are bad in those spots

What it takes to go 200

To go 200 your first issue is the tires... yes

tires that do 200 exist but usually these cars will run out of

gas before they build up enough heat to explode... but

anything in the road... including pothole may send

you tumbling.

And as you know Ohio and especially the Youngstown

The Boardman area is where all potholes come to spend

the winter.

If I was to pull a number right out of thin air

that probably 1% of these things will ever see


Stopping the damn thing.

If you notice.. other cars that do 200 are small

and light weight... This thing is not... it is huge and

heavy Its more like a satellite reentering the

atmosphere than an arrow shooting through the sky

lots of mass and that means lots of stopping


Why and how would you buy this

Well the limited numbers I am sure will see out

quickly but it is always possible you will see one

of these monsters in a showroom ready to be

financed and rolled out of the showroom to your

driveway. Imagine the reaction from the family if

you went to buy a responsible little dodge sedan

and came home with a volcano on wheels... wait that

might be worth it

Would I buy it

Well i would not
Buying a car off craigslist direct from an owner  Aug 12th, 2014 
How to Buy A Car in Boardman or Youngstown on Craigslist

So the concept of buying the perfect one owner car with all the service records from someones driveway would be great

The only problem is the reality of actually doing that

You will rarely find the perfect car at a reasonable price that way

Most owners love the car they are selling and take any criticism personally
they are selling the cat or truck for a reason the worst of them being they repairs needed are more than they would spend aon the car

The reality of taking thousands of dollars over to a strangers house in hopes that the deal is legit is rather scary in real life.

-You have no recourse if the car is trashed

-Really a dealership selling cars a reasonable prices is a much better way to go

-Used car dealers have to come to the same building everyday so you know where they will be.
-You know that the car is legally titled.

-Dealers offer services like financing and warrentees.
-They usually know the cars on their lots pretty well.
-They do not have emotional attachment to the cars to deal with.

Car dealers are here to serve the community and foster repeat customers... I would much rather take my time and find the right car at a dealership where I know the transaction is legit.